Federal Reserve: Enemy of Savers, Savior of Debtors

The lives of financially prudent and responsible people have been postponed, complicated, or entirely ruined by the Federal Reserve and its despicable monetary policy.

Since 2009, the Federal Reserve has artificially suppressed interest rates to 0% and inflated the money supply by trillions in order to prop up insolvent banks, prop up insolvent governments, and perpetuate a phony debt-based bubble economy. Wealth has literally been stolen from savers and transferred to banks, governments, and debtors.  This isn’t just some abstract concept; it has had real life consequences for many people.

Retirees have been forced to return to work because income on their savings has been non-existent. To avoid being robbed, some have tried their hand at speculating in the financial markets, but have found that the “markets” are just rigged casinos with no rational price discovery. Younger families have had to postpone major life decisions such as buying a home because housing prices have been artificially inflated to pad the balance sheets of banks and underwater home “owners” who made bad choices. Still others have had to postpone starting a family because the cost of living is too high. Meanwhile, these same people have been forced to subsidize the reckless debt ridden lifestyles of other individuals and governments. These debt ridden consumers and governments are parasites bleeding savers dry.

Savings and capital investment are the lifeblood of a productive economy, not debt and consumption. The destruction of savers will lead to the destruction of prosperity. Savers should fight back by rejecting the Federal Reserve Note and begin saving in sound alternatives such as physical gold and silver.

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4 thoughts on “Federal Reserve: Enemy of Savers, Savior of Debtors

  1. Gary says:

    Spot on. It’s time for an organized revolt. I, for one, am I proud American ready to start war against this filth. Anyone else who cares, contact me to start a union.

  2. Jamie Flannigan says:

    I’ve been trying to find information about what has happened to the class action lawsuits filed against ending the fed. I’ve spent hours looking thru various dot gov type sites for anything on … WE THE PEOPLE v. UNITED STATES (case No. 07-681) … wherein the Supreme Court, on Feb 22, 2008 committed treason for refusing to hear that case. Certainly this is only one example of class actions against the fn’Fed. If someone has the time to head me in the right direction for … history of class actions against the U.S. / Fed I’d appreciate it.

  3. FactorLoads says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. This article is an eye – opener for everyone to see the result of having irresponsible leaders consuming. I also believe that debt is the cause financial crisis whom the people suffer especially the poor.

  4. Jenna says:

    I totally agree with what you said. I think that it is really important that we improve our finance baad habits and be able to avoid debt. Thanks for sharing this article. This is very easy to understand. I enjoy reading it.

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