The second step to end the Fed is to merge the social contagion with non-compliance. Refuse to participate in the scam. Stop using Federal Reserve Notes to the maximum extent possible and encourage others to do the same.  Stop saving in it.  Stop accepting it as payment for goods and services. Stop doing business with any of the large commercial banks (Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi, etc). Instead, convert your Federal Reserve Notes into sound forms of money, such as physical gold and silver coins, and into other real tangible assets.  For any leftover Federal Reserve Notes that you must keep, hold it as physical cash at home or deposit it in a local credit union.

Physical gold and silver can be purchased at a local dealer or online.  When purchasing physical, always take possession of it.  A basic strategy is to purchase 1 oz bullion coins with the lowest premium above the market spot price and avoid numismatic (collector) coins that often come with a high premium. For those with little income or savings, start with silver which currently has a much lower price when compared to gold.

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