No, Donald Trump Is Not Against the Federal Reserve

Many people hoped that Donald Trump would oppose the Federal Reserve with his presidency, but that hope should be gone by now.

To his credit, candidate Donald Trump was actually critical of the Federal Reserve. He gave vocal support for an audit of its books and operations. He correctly pointed out that the economy is a big fat ugly bubble held up by its artificially low interest rate policy. He correctly pointed out that Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve Chairman, was keeping interest rates artificially low for political reasons. He correctly criticized the hideous national debt of 20 trillion. He correctly pointed out that Hillary Clinton’s team was stacked with Goldman Sachs bankers.  However, time has told it was all just for show.

President Donald Trump hasn’t said a single negative word about the Federal Reserve. In fact, he’s been giving them praise. The Trump administration said the Federal Reserve is doing a good job and that they respect its independence and power. Trump said that he likes and respects Janet Yellen and may keep her as chairman. Trump celebrated as the Dow Jones stock market index breached 20,000, essentially taking credit for the big fat ugly bubble. Trump appointed several Goldman Sachs bankers to his cabinet including Gary Cohn, former COO of Goldman Sachs, as his economic chief economic adviser and Steven Mnuchin, former CIO of Goldman Sachs, as his Treasury Secretary. Trump espoused the Keynesian economics nonsense of debt-fueled “pump priming” and proposed adding over 7 trillion to the national debt.

That means it’s business as usual when it comes to the Federal Reserve, debt, inflation, and economic bubbles for Trump. Nothing has changed from his predecessors in this regard. His campaign rhetoric was just political pandering for votes. It served to cool off the public’s angst and sucker them back into the statist left/right paradigm with false hope once again.

Placing your trust in politicians is a fool’s game. With the exception of a very few, such as Ron Paul, they are all sociopaths seeking to control and rule you by force. The good news is that we don’t need to beg politicians to get the job done. We can take responsibility and do it ourselves. Educate yourself, educate others, and stop using the Federal Reserve’s fake money and their zombie banks.

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9 thoughts on “No, Donald Trump Is Not Against the Federal Reserve

  1. Jonathan says:

    Controlled opposition, they did a good job tricking a lot of pro-Freedom individuals. Should just be another lesson as to how government rulers will never provide a viable solution.

  2. As I’ve been saying for months, the stock futures were down nicely more than 4 percent on election night upon realization Trump was going to be elected. It is at this moment I suspect an agent of the Federal Reserve contacted him and asked if he’d play along. In not wanting the stock market to implode because of him, he promptly agreed and the upward unlawful manipulation of the stock market got manipulated up at a faster rate than under Obama.

    Trump is a fraud!

  3. “got manipulated up”, please replace with “increased”

  4. Joe Myers says:

    We The People have to take action & I teach a grassroots method of avoiding fractional reserve banking that can lead to banking reform.

  5. I think it’s about time we start our rallies again. He had a shot to do something, let’s remind the POTUS that we didn’t forget.

    Let’s start in January and be ready to rally!

    Who’s with us?

  6. Leslie Davis says:

    I’m running for Governor of Minnesota and I have a Money Plan for Minnesota that brings money into circulation as wealth NOT debt. See it on my web site. We spend it in for roads and bridges not lend it in or tax.

  7. William Jones says:

    Patience. No plan ever survives first contact with the enemy. Victory goes to them who best adapts. Fractional reserve banking underpinned by oil commodity has reached its limit. Systematic restructuring must happen, will happen. The war that is being waged is for under whose hand it will fall.

  8. melgibstein says:

    We have to end the Jewish media first and foremost.

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