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Federal Reserve: Enemy of Savers, Savior of Debtors

The lives of financially prudent and responsible people have been postponed, complicated, or entirely ruined by the Federal Reserve and its despicable monetary policy.

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End the Fed for the Right Reasons

There are some people that want to end the Federal Reserve for all the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, their flawed thinking has led them to advocate misguided “solutions” that are harmful. Here are five wrong reasons to oppose the Federal Reserve:

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The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding The Fraud of Fiat Currency & Central Banking

What is money? Where does it come from? Why are people currently exchanging pieces of paper for goods and services? Why is this paper in demand? These are crucial questions you might not have asked yourself, but their answers have a major impact on your life. Money, markets, and economics are portrayed as subjects too complicated for the average person to understand. This notion isn’t true, but it does serve the interests of those in positions of power.

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